Tip Tuesday

10 Cost Saving Wedding Tips 


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Are you ready to here all about how you can save when it comes to planning your wedding? Great! I am ready to tell you all about it.  Let’s get right into it.


Tip #1

Stay in season when purchasing wedding flowers.

Many times if you choose wedding flowers that’s out of season , it can be very difficult to find, as well as quite expensive. So before you decide on your flowers, consult with your florist first to see if the flowers you want are available in your season.


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Tip # 2

Make Your cake the favors

Instead of spending extra money to buy favors. You can purchase personalized wedding cake boxes and have your guests take your cake home as a favor. This also works perfect for a destination or out of town wedding as well, your guests don’t have to worry about packing an extra item.


Tip # 3

Only Hire Your Makeup Artist for the Initial  Application

Have your makeup artist apply the initial application and then ask if they can provide a touch up bag for you to have throughout the night. Sometimes make up artist charge by the hour and that can get very pricey if you have them the whole entire day!

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Tip #4

Give a New Vendor a Chance

Many times there are new vendors that have not yet made a name for themselves. Lack of experience doesn’t necessarily mean, lack of quality, knowledge, or creativity. You may want to give a new vendor a try! It will save you hundreds, as they normally charge a little less than fully experienced vendors.


Tip #5

Host a Cocktail Reception

Maybe the traditional per plate, full course dinner reception is perhaps too much for you. Consider having a cocktail reception. It is exactly what it says, serve cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.


Tip # 6

Skip the Gift

Receiving wedding gifts is always a great idea, however, if you plan on taking a honeymoon, you may want to skip the gifts. Instead, you can ask your guests to contribute to a honeymoon fund.  This way here, you can have your honeymoon completely paid for, or partially. Either way, you save bucks in your pocket. You can sign up at honeyfund.com.

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Tip #7

Serve a Signature Drink

Having a full bar and a wine/beer bar can add up. Opt for serving a Signature Drink throughout the whole night. You will definitely save!


Tip #8

Set Boundaries For your guest list

You don’t have to invite everyone, although we would love too. Only invite people that are important to you. The bigger your guest list, the pricier your reception.


Tip #9

Response Cards

You can save on the cost of stationary by having your guests RSVP online via your wedding website, or simply have them email you their responses.


Tip #10


Sit down with your fiance and have a discussion on what’s important to the both of you! Once you know what you both like, you can then plan and compromise in some areas, to have what you really want!

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Remember, all things are possible! You just have to be  realistic and wise!

If this was helpful, please leave a comment below or if you have any other tips you can add, feel free to do so!


Until Next Time! Happy Tuesday!