Tip Tuesday

Tip Your Wedding Vendors


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The big question of the day is, should I tip my wedding vendors? The answer is YES! Keep in mind you are not obligated to do so, however, it is a nice way of saying, thank you for your excellent service. Think of it this way, when you go to a restaurant, you leave the waitress a tip based on her service. Or when you go to the hair salon, you tip your stylist. This is the same for your wedding vendors. Usually you tip service based vendors but today many couples choose to tip almost everyone involved. Here is a brief outline of who to tip and how much. Again, this is just an outline. You can choose to tip who you want and how much.

Musicians/band or DJ $25-$75 per person

Officiant: $50-$100 ; if perhaps the officiant will be performing for free

Hairstylist/Makeup Artist: 15-20 percent of total charge

Chauffeur: 15-20 percent of charge

Bartenders: 10-15 percent of total 

Others to take in consideration is the waitstaff, catering manager,  photographers and videographer, delivery persons, and set up and breakdown crew.

Until Next Time, Happy Tuesday!!!